Digital Marketing

Marketing your business is hassle-free with Codiant Software Technology

This setup takes the hassle out of marketing your business, as well as removes bottlenecks so your company can start driving leads, sales, and revenue. Our three-step approach to driving your success.

1.Start-to-finish tracking and reporting

Measuring, tracking, and reporting your results isn't a guessing game with Codiant Software's It's easier than ever to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions with our proprietary digital marketing platform.

2.Customized digital marketing strategy

Cookie-cutter doesn't cut it — not when you're looking to earn an impressive ROI. With Codiant Software's, you get a strategy tailored to your business, industry, audience, and goals. Your dedicated account manager will take the time to learn your company and understand your goals so they can create a strategy that delivers results. Bonus: Just like your business, your strategy isn't static. Your account manager takes a proactive approach to improving your strategy and adapting it to fit your changing needs, industry trends, and more.

3.Experienced all-in-one marketing team
Marketing a business takes more than a few skill sets, from writing to coding. With Codiant Software's, that's nothing to worry about because we give you a complete marketing team. From digital marketers and social media specialists to web designers and web developers, we have over 24 in-house team members to help. Bonus:Codiant Software's is well-known for its happy team — and happy clients. The passion and enthusiasm of our team are why our client retention rate is more than 90%.

Startup Plan

$ 49 .95
Starting Business
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Expert Plan

$ 199 .95
Higher Business
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